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Looking for help [Nov. 1st, 2006|05:25 pm]
The Commoners' Charity Landpost


Two weeks ago, one of my very close best friends was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer. He is 35 years old. He is fighting pneumonia, a massive kidney infection, and two unknown masses on his kidneys and lungs. They will be doing another cat scan to find if they have grown. They sent him home from the hospital with home hospice care. Since he does not have medical insurance, he ran out of options getting help and will have to fight for himself to get care.

Sorry to burden you with this, but we are trying to help his family financially with Frankie's medical bills
since he doesn't have insurance. They are trying to get him seen by physicians at
the University of Florida and Moffitt Center in Tampa. Normally, I am typically not someone who begs for money, but Frankie's medical bills are over 100k dollars at this point, and he has a VERY long journey ahead of him. While that seems like alot of money that cant be helped, believe me, even a dollar makes a difference.

If you can not donate or you are uncomfortable, you can simply pass the link on to this journal so that we can raise funds for his family.

I love my friend with all my heart. He stood by me at my first wedding, and is a wonderful wonderful friend. I need to do everything possible to help out his family and do something in return.